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Business Intelligent

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Business Intelligent
Introduction :

iAnalytics Suite is the first business analytics platform to combine data insight, cloud and collaborative decision support with your company’s most valuable asset – human intelligence

An Universal BI platform that boosts your bottom line

Real Business Intelligence should be more than just a software system that organizes corporate data. Without the ability to visualize information and share your insights, action is hindered and the value is lost. Halo provides real value by delivering a collaborative platform that helps your  enterprise accurately measure performance, quickly find trends and make confident decisions that benefit your bottom line


Be free. Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – with Cloud your business insights and iAnalytics tools go anywhere you go


Data is just data. It’s what your people do with it that makes it valuable. iAnalytics is a platform for

transforming raw data into information that your people can see, share, and use to make better decisions together, improving your business and your bottom line

 A intelligent look at iAnalytics

ü  Reporting

ü  Analysing

ü  Dashboards

ü  KPI

ü  Data Warehouse

Ingenious iAnalytics Suite is the most complete BI solution of its kind. And now, with the new cloud link, it’s the most effective way to drive productivity across your enterprise. iFusion, iDashBoard comes with out-of-the-box integrations to many ERP products including:

·         Microsoft Dynamics (all) • Sage 500 and X3 • Tally.ERP9

·         SAP Business One • Salesforce • Other ERP Solutions


·         Cloud-based

·         Live Financial Reporting (GL)

·         Live Operational Reporting (ledgers,Group – AP, AR, etc.)

·         Benchmark, KPI and graphical reporting

·         Drill to GL detail and drill across to sub-ledgers for real-time answers

·         Drag and Drop report design that any business user can learn

·         Multi-company/Multi-Branch consolidations

·         Analysis across Ledger, Group, CostCentre, Inventory.

·         Integration tool connects iFusion Reporting ‘live’ to custom tables & UDF or other sources

·         On-Demand and Auto-Scheduled reporting

·         Security integrates with Active Directory

·         Integrated iDesigner,iFusion & iDashboard for Live data


·         Excel-based budget and forecast input

·         Streamlined data entry

·         Copy history in a single click

·         Spread budgets evenly or based on trends or budget at line item level

·         Pre-built as well as user-defined input templates

·         Custom Built Secondry Sales vs Target

·         Planning & Budgeting (Revenue, Expense, Payroll, Inventory, Projects, Cashflow, Allocations, etc.)

·         Forecasting (single or multi-year)

·         Modeling and what-if analysis

·         Budget data immediately available for reporting


·         Cloud-based for anywhere, anytime access

·         Works with Web (but not required)

·         Fully customizable dashboard layouts

·         Interactive gauges, maps, charts, scorecards and more

·         Drag & Drop dashboards for instant insight

·         Business users learn dashboard design in hours, not days

·         Run real-time on ERP system or on iFusion Data Warehouse with drill-down

·         Detailed security




·         Preconfigured Data Warehouse that can be set-up in hours…not months

·         Dramatically reduces time/cost/risk to implement

·         Preconfigured modules (GL, AR, AP, Rev, Assets, HR, Proj,Inv) and additional ‘user defined’ modules for any data you want to include

·         Integrate to virtually any data source including cloud

·         User friendly ‘Office-like’ administrative interface built for business users

·         Advanced business rules such as Currency, Elimination, Allocations, KPIs, etc.

·         True multi-source data warehousing to support Dashboards, Reporting and Planning

·         Microsoft SQL Server-based

·         Pre-integrated with iFusion,iDesigner Reporting and Dashboard modules, and also works with any other BI tool that supports MS SQL Server

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