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Document Management System

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Document Management System
About Us

From saving your documents from eternal decay to managing your essential information: Docs is the answer to all! This is not just a Document Management System but it is a complete Office Automating solution that helps you manage your documents efficiently and streamline & automate your business Processes

Enterprise Resource Planning

Are you still managing stocks and inventories on traditional accounting software? Then, you might be wasting your resources for unproductive processes when you have a better alternative. Today’s highly competitive market is more about using automating solutions like ERP. Using genuine ERP software will make recording and managing enterprise data simple and easy.

Keeping the significance of critical enterprise data in mind, Ingenious’s ERP software is integrated with all the utility tools that one will need to connect the entire business. It is quite obvious that you need to make smart decisions in almost every process ranging from supply chain and finance management, through your human resources and operations, to the analysis and business intelligence. And, being your technology partners, we deliver you the best solutions whether you need them on cloud or your servers.

Ingenious ERP offers you:

  • Assistance in defining your business processes and ensures that they are in compliance with the supply chain.
  • Safety of your critical enterprise data through defined roles and secure-access.
  • Ease to plan the work load as per the existing orders and forecasting growth.
  • Effective tools that allow you to provide a high level of service.
  • Tools to transform your data into decision making information.

Our solutions keep you stress-free with their optimized performance and support for the prominent functions of your organization such as:

  • Vendor Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Stock Management
  • Bills Execution
  • HR/Payroll System
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Inventory Bookkeeping
  • Contract Management
  • Product Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Claim Processing
  • Planning, scheduling and Forecasting etc

We mapped all sorts of operational processes in our product comprising various modules to closely align with the firm. Our solutions are quite flexible that can be redesigned and implemented as per the future process congruence. Ricoh’s ERP is designed around the typical business processes, based on best industry practices so as to keep your firm ahead with the competitive edge.

Customer Relationship Management

Master Management

  • Branches Setup
  • Master Setup
  • Role Setup
  • Managing Hierarchy

Profile Management

  • Managing Individual Profile
  • Access Right Management
  • Visibility of Organization’s Hierarchy Chart
  • Team Profile Management

Customer Management

  • Managing Customer Profile
  • Sharing Customers
  • Transfer of Customers
  • Managing Child and Subsidiary Accounts

Opportunity Management

  • Managing Opportunities
  • Sharing Opportunities
  • Mapping of Opportunities to Call Planner
  • Integration of Opportunities with Sales Order Logging

Call Planner

  • Managing Calls
  • Calls Update
  • View Calendar
  • View Calls by Date Range

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