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Tally Data Migration

Tally Support : 081 303 11011
  Fusion Data Integration & Data Migration  


Ingenious fusion is a fully-integrated with Tally.ERP 9 designed for integrate to excel, access, oracle, sap, sql, msqfoxpro and seamless data transfer from tally to any DBMS (data base management system). Ingenious ERP is a fully-integrated business suite of ERP solutions designed for companies and organizations characterized by almost extreme levels of dynamic business change. Cevious ingenious ERP provides organizations with the agility necessary to respond to business change long after the initial implementation is complete; delivering an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that withstands the test of time.  The solution has been touted by industry analysts as unique among ERP competitors due to its unusually tight integration of data management (information warehouse), process modeling (business processes), platform independent business modeling (, ide development ( and information delivery (reporting and analytics. Ingenious ERP provides all the essential functions needed by professional services and public sector organizations.  Its focus on people-centric organizations and deep understanding of their inherent business challenges and opportunities has led the company. Our technology, experience & insightful creations make us the right choice for our clients today.


Fusion is a technology that provides measurable value through its optimization services. Fusion is the software engine that allows you to seamlessly dual mode integration from your existing software to Tally.ERP9. Its integrated with any RDBMS with 14 Different Database (i.eMs-SQL, MySql, Oracle, Informix, IBM DB2, Sybase, Pastgre SQL, VistaDb, Firebird, Paradox, Foxpro, V-Foxpro, Ms-Access, Ms-Excel,) and more than 100 different software & ERP (i.e. SAP, PeopleSoft, Ramco, BAAN, Oracle12i, CSV, Text, Unicode, Busy, Yatra, Magento,, Pinga,  etc.)  Type of application. It is completely based on live Templates (i.e. Sales, Purchase, Journal etc.) configuration as per Tally.ERP9 vouchers and masters Fields .It provides all the essential functions needed by Tally.ERP9 &RDBMS Query. In Fusion migrate all large data within a second. Its focus is to automate of multiple software transaction to Tally.ERP9.Fusion has as enrolled more than 250 customers in its User database. Our solution is a user experience that provides the ability to easily navigate to what you need. We’ve built a user experience framework to bring all the actions you need to take into close alignment with your actual business flows


Basic Functionality·         Generic API Based Integration

·         TDL Soap request

·         Any level of customized UDF mapping

·         Dual mode Integration

·         Template (Voucher) based UDF Mapping

·         Auto Master Creation

·         Schedule data transfer

·         Remote Location data integration

·         Real time data transfer

·         Live Error tracking & resolution

·         Master Error update


Tally Data Management

  • Code base master creation
  • Online Master Checking from Tally
  • Multiple time voucher alteration
  • Multiple company data transfer
  • Fully Statutory level Integration (Service Tax, VAT, TDS)
  • Multiple template for single voucher


Rule Management 

·         Rule condition on raw data transfer

·         Auto identification Voucher

·         Auto Ledger grouping

·         Auto Product grouping

·         Auto tax class Mapping

·         Location Base Inventory Management

·         Auto Cost center & cost Category


Business Intelligence

·         Easley Analysis & Chart of Tally Data

·         Multiple Wizard level Data Analysis

·         Incremental Data Fetching

·         Support Business Intelligence on Tally Data

·         High end Graphical data analysis & chart

DataBase Integration·         14+ Database

·         MS-SQL to Tally to MS-SQL

·         Excel to Tally to Excel

·         CSV to Tally to CSV

·         Oracle to Tally to Oracle

·         Foxpro to Tally

·         MySql to Tally to MySQL

·         MS-Access to Tally to Tally

·         IBM DB2 to Tally

·         MySQL to Tally To MySql

·         PostgreSQL to Tally


Application & ERP Integration

·         10+ ERP & 100+ Applications

·         SAP to Tally to SAP

·         X3 to Tally

·         Visual Impex to Tally

·         Salesforge to Tally

·         Busy to Tally

·         Sage to Tally

·         Ramco to Tally

·         Wing to Tally

·         Fact to Tally

·         QuickBook To Tally


Online E-Commerce & Web Integration

·         Magento to Tally to Magento

·         Os-commerce to Tally

·         Zen-Cart to Tally (WEBAPI)

·         Any-E commerce Integration

Tally Fusion (Power of Migration):

·         Fusion (Data Migration from any Software/ Database To Tally)

·         Fusion MIS (Customized Excel Sheet Reporting based on Tally & Other Database

·         Backup Ingenious (Automatic backup of Tally Data, Emails, Important Documents etc).

Data Integration Clint’s :

ü  Magento eCommerce Software. (Data Integrate in Tally.ERP9 : 35-50 Clients)

ü  Busy Business Accounting Software. (Data Integrate in Tally.ERP9 : 80-110 Clients)

ü  Pinga Real State Software (Data Integrate in Tally.ERP9 : 30-50 Clients)

ü  Java, PHP & .Net Data Integrate in Tally  (Data Integrate in Tally.ERP9 : 90-100 Clients)


Ø  SARE Group.

Ø  Tulip Company.

Ø  DS Group

Ø  DLF Land Ltd.

Ø  CIENA India

Sales & Support Call: 011- 09911276790, 08130311011, 09810311011,,,,

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2 comments on “Tally Data Migration

  1. Asma
    June 27, 2012


    Need to know the cost of data migrating from a legacy system for a pharmaceutical company to Tally.


  2. Asha G
    January 19, 2015

    hi dear,
    Try Free Excel to Tally migration sodtware.
    Download Link -, |

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